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Our introductory online electric vehicle and fleet manager training courses are free and require a Solo membership to access. You can request hands-on in-person training through our training partner network below.

Axle Access

Our OEM-agnostic electric vehicle safety and awareness fundamentals focused on the ASE xEV level one

An automotive technician with a flash light looking at a vehicle's axle.

Introduction to EV Safety for Technicians

This 22 minute course is designed to take technicians out of handbooks, and into the repair bay to watch a qualified electric vehicle technician explain how he puts electric safety principles into practice. Through a combination of quick practical instruction and knowledge checks, participants will move one step closer to understanding how to handle electric vehicles safely.


By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand basic electric vehicle safety principles
  • Identify and heed vehicle warning labels
  • Learn how to practice glove safety
  • Understand how to use Personal Protective Equipment correctly
  • See a sample Lock-Out / Tag-Out demonstration
  • Watch a Live-Dead-Live test in action


Upon successful completion of the course, participants will receive a certificate of completion. Intro to EV Safety for Technicians is the first course in the multi-part Axle Access course series. This is a technician-focused series focused on bringing fundamental safety-related knowledge to existing technicians with no prior background in electric vehicles. Axle Access can be used to prepare technicians ahead of required OEM training and to prepare for the ASE xEV Level Two Certification which is highly recommended before any kind of work, even light maintenance.

Disclaimer: All demonstrations presented in this course are intended solely for educational purposes. These activities should never be attempted or reproduced by individuals who are not duly qualified and authorized to do so.

Three electric vehicle chargers in Norway with a man plugging one of the chargers into a black car.

Introduction to Electric Vehicle Systems and Repair

This course is an introductory overview into electric vehicle architecture. The course is designed for existing automotive technicians to reinforce the foundational principles of electric vehicle technology, explore vehicle components like battery packs, motors, and electronics, and study battery construction, chemistry, and repair. We deep dive power electronics, including inverters and converters and include insights into charging infrastructure and unique HVAC systems. We’ll also focus on practical skills for diagnosing and repairing issues, such as loss of isolation and introduce the use of tools like the Milli-ohm and Mega-Ohm meter. Through a combination of technical concepts, case-studies and knowledge checks, participants will gain the confidence to learn how to navigate fundamental vehicle systems. Knowledge of automotive electronics and systems is helpful.

For easy learning, this 75-minute mobile-optimized course is divided into 7 core modules. These modules are broken into 48 micro-lessons of under 2-minutes each, to encourage learning on the go.


By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Learn core electric vehicle systems and architecture
  • Understand the foundations of vehicle component diagnosis and repair
  • Learn the core tools and tests needed to service electric vehicles

Furthermore, this course is also part of a longer 5-part series Axle Access. Axle Access includes Electrically Awareness Training, Intro to Technician Safety, and High-Voltage Technician which can be taken online. Axle Audit is a half-day hands-on workshop which can be taken at the conclusion of the courses and scheduled in-person. Together, these courses help prepare technicians for the ASE xEV Level Two certification test. This is a mandatory certification for anyone working on or around electric vehicles. 


Upon successful completion of the course, participants will receive a share-able Axle certificate of completion. This course is also considered preparation for the ASE xEV Level 2. We include next steps and reading at the conclusion of the course. 

Image of high voltage vires in an electric vehicle.

Electrical Awareness Training

This course is designed to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of electrical safety, hazards, and best practices. This 35 minute course aims to equip learners with an overview of electrical hazards, an understanding of how to navigate hazardous situations, and promote a safe working environment. Through a combination of conceptual instruction, scenarios and interactive quizzes, participants will gain the confidence to learn how to navigate electrical systems with awareness and caution.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Define key electrical concepts, including voltage, current, resistance.
  • Understand the importance of electrical awareness.
  • Identify key electrical hazards
  • Learn the importance of boundaries and facilities awareness
  • Learn what not to do during during emergencies
  • Understand what they need to do advance their electrical awareness training
  • Develop a safety-focused mindset when working near electrical sources

Next Steps

Upon successful completion of the course, participants will receive a certificate of completion. Furthermore, this course plus our Intro to Technician Safety course can be used to prepare for the ASE xEV Level One certification test.


Quick overview for fleet managers and shop supervisors to navigate and understand baseline NFPA and OSHA compliance requirements. To learn more about safety and compliance support and implementation, contact us.

Picture of flat end trucks.

The Fleet Guide to Electric Safety Compliance

Electric vehicles (EVs) are transforming the automotive industry, offering a cleaner and more sustainable transportation solution. However, with this shift comes a new set of safety regulations and considerations that fleet managers must adhere to. “The Fleet Guide to Electric Safety Compliance” is a short course designed to give fleet managers an overview into the regulations that now apply to them as well as the knowledge and tools necessary to ensure the safety and compliance of their electric vehicle fleet operations.

Axle Access Workshop

Hands-on training that focuses on building foundational safety skills. It should be completed ahead of any mandatory OEM training. The goal is for technicians to learn basic safety skills around electric vehicles, see testing in action, and build confidence.